Tom Douglas

“One of the most important tools in the kitchen is the cutting board. The synergy of the cook, the knife and the board creates magic. The Boos board is an American icon that represents American quality and craftsmanship. Best of all, the Boos board lasts and develops a patina much like a cast iron pan and represents the history of my kitchen and the friends and family that have surrounded my table. We are proud to use them in our Hot Stove Society cooking school.”

Chef Tom Douglas is a restaurateur, author, and founder of the Hot Stove Society Cooking School in Seattle. Alongside his wife and business partner, Jackie Cross, as well as business partner Eric Tanaka, Douglas has opened 13 full-service restaurants, an event space, a cooking school, and a product line of sauces and knives. He’s been awarded “Outstanding Restaurateur” by the James Beard Foundation and stresses to his growing staff that “no one can out effort us.”