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Adding a John Boos product to your culinary collection can be one of the best additions you’ll ever make for your kitchen space. Here, on our resources page, we hope you’ll learn everything there is to know about owning, using and maintaining your Boos products.

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Care and Maintenance

It’s important to learn how to properly care for your new John Boos product to ensure that it remains as beautiful and as durable as the day you brought it home. By following our recommended maintenance techniques, you can be sure your Boos product will last you a lifetime.

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Chef Jet TilaKelli Bunch chef and owner of KB Table
Alex Seidel chef-owner of Fruition Restaurant, Mercantile dining & provision, Füdmill and Chook

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World famous chefs and restaurateurs have trusted Boos Blocks and John Boos’s line of kitchen products as a whole for more than 130 years. Find out what some of our most celebrated clients are saying about us.

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