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Since 1887, John Boos has been a trusted provider of high-quality, performance-driven equipment and workspaces that have inspired home cooks, chefs and foodservice industry workers for generations. A legacy of workmanship, innovation and devotion stems from our founder and carries through to our employees past and present.

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Boos Blocks®

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Timeless, stylish and enduring, iconic Boos butcher blocks and cutting boards have been a preferred and trusted tool for generations.

Commercial Stainless Steel

commercial stainless steel kitchen interior

From world-famous restaurants to 50,000-capacity sports arenas to school cafeterias and supermarkets in your own neighborhood, John Boos is the trusted name when it comes to quality, long-lasting and dependable foodservice products.


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Elevate and enhance your residential or commercial kitchen and dining spaces with our signature Boos Block brand countertops and worktops.

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Shop our collection of cutting boards, butcher blocks and kitchen furniture.

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Commercial Stainless Steel

View our line of commercial stainless steel products.

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Countertops and Worktops

View our collection of commercial and residential signature Boos Block brand countertops.

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Explore our video library to learn more about John Boos products and see them in action.

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Chef Jet TilaKelli Bunch chef and owner of KB Table
Alex Seidel chef-owner of Fruition Restaurant, Mercantile dining & provision, Füdmill and ChookChef Kelly English

Boos Crews

John Boos is the chosen brand for top chefs and kitchens around the world.

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John Boos is a renowned name in the world of kitchen essentials, catering to every US state with a wide range of quality products. Our offerings encompass Boos home and butcher blocks, crafted with precision and durability to elevate any kitchen space. For those seeking exquisite countertops, we provide diverse options that combine aesthetics with functionality. Commercial kitchens also benefit from their expertise, offering top-notch stainless-steel solutions designed to withstand the rigors of professional culinary environments. We also provide maintenance and care kits for all products, ensuring longevity and performance. Whether you’re a home chef, a cooking enthusiast, or a professional cook, John Boos has something to offer that will enhance your culinary experience. Shop today!