Renewable and Sustainable

At John Boos, we are committed to the preservation and protection of our environment as well as the enrichment of our communities.

An integral part of our business practice, we take every step to ensure we follow environmentally responsible and sustainable manufacturing processes. We’re a long-standing member of the National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA). As a NHLA member, we’re required to practice sustainable forestry and sound forest management.

A Walk through Our Woods

We stop at nothing when it comes to crafting the finest wooden kitchen products on the market, but that’s only the beginning of what sets John Boos apart. By using renewable, sustainable North American hardwoods such as North American Hard Rock Maple, American Cherry, American Black Walnut, and Appalachian Red Oak, we can help keep our planet (and our products) beautiful, vibrant and resourceful for generations to come.

Leaf covered trail through woodland trees
Manufacturing facility with industrial equipment

“Environmental stewardship and longstanding waste management concerns magnify the wisdom of choosing the quality, durability, strength and natural beauty of American hardwood products that, coupled with American craftsmanship, will endure for generations.”

Lumber Supplier For John Boos & Co.

Efforts for Sustainability

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Just like the John Boos products themselves, our processes and policies are designed to promote and preserve environmental integrity. Every step of our manufacturing procedures is implemented with environmental respect and sustainability in mind.
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Consideration for the Air

Our manufacturing processes are in compliance with all local and federal hazardous air pollution regulations, as well as all EPA air standards.

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Consideration for Production Resources

Our hardwood foresters adhere to conservational best practices, and the John Boos brand has been recognized as a sustainable and renewable solution for eco-effective design.

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Consideration for Environmental Stewardship

At John Boos, 95 percent of our raw materials are recycled. Our scrap and excess wood materials are used as sustainable fuel to heat our kilns and our sawdust is used as livestock bedding for our local agricultural partners.

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Consideration for our Community

We make every effort to give back to our local communities by way of service and charitable organizations. Our hardwood products represent green design choices, and we make every effort to instill a culture of consistent environmental responsibility amongst our team.