Melissa Mayo

Chef Melissa Mayo - Feature Photo

“I cannot rave enough about Boos cutting boards. I have multiple boards in my Los Angeles and Italian kitchens and I also use them in my Italian cooking school. They are made with highest quality wood and designed to last for years. They are so easy to maintain and make chopping and prep work a breeze. They are hands down the best boards on the market. I also love their carving board for meat, their sturdy maple butcher block and the round boards are amazing for creating epic charcuterie and cheese boards. If you are looking for the perfect board to turn you into a master chef, look no further than Boos.”


Melissa has spent the last 15 years building a career centered on delicious food and healthy living. She believes that you can actually cook your way to the body that becomes a vessel for your healthiest self & happiest life. You may know her from popular cooking networks where she’s shared her talents as a chef with millions of viewers—but she also spent years cooking for the biggest Hollywood studios, A list celebrities, and Oscar winner Hans Zimmer.

She’s been married to her South African husband Saul for 20 years. Together they’ve surfed the oceans of the world. But their greatest adventure is raising their magnificent daughter Jade… a true blessing from God. Being her mom is the best job on the planet.

They love to travel, and eat our way through every country—the spices, flavors and dishes of every place they visit influences her style of cooking.

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