What “Made in America” Means To Housewares Manufacturers

What "Made in America" Means To Housewares Manufacturers

(Excerpt from Gourmet Business Online Magazine Sept 2013 Issue)

“Made in the USA” is a familiar enough label. But what does it really mean when a manufacturer puts one on its gourmet housewares? To consumers, it means that “all or virtually all” of the product was made in America, a standard set by the Federal Trade Commission.

For the manufacturer, it implies a host of challenges: higher labor cost involved in making products here and stiff competition from lower-cost imported goods. However, there are benefits to manufacturing here in the USA, such as tighter quality control, shorter lead times to retail and the ability to customize orders. Items produced in the US have increased efficiencies and reduced transportation and production costs. Overseeing production closely helps limit product delays.

There seems to be an increasing willingness to pay a slightly higher price for a product that is well-designed, aesthetically pleasing and produced in the United States. As consumers increasingly value “green” products, claims by overseas manufacturers of offering sustainable goods are somewhat problematic. Many of the competitive products that come from overseas and that claim to be green really can’t back that claim up, but consumers don’t question the claim. Plus, there is a carbon footprint associated with the transportation of products from overseas to the U.S. that is much greater than that of U.S. made products.

Established in 1887, John Boos & Co. is renowned for its quality butcher block and stainless steel gourmet products. John Boos & Co.’s location provides access to the best materials and experienced craftsmen. BOOS BLOCKS® butcher block cutting boards and gourmet blocks, carts, islands, and counter tops are made in the USA of American Hardwoods dried in wood kilns on location in Effingham, IL. They source materials in the USA; American hardwoods, are harvested from sustainably grown forests of upstate New York and the Great Lake states. Heritage and history runs strong in the company and this can be seen in the craftsmanship of the product. Mindful of the environment and the green theme, Boos practices green methods. The sawdust created during the production of the blocks is used by local farmers for livestock bedding.
All the smaller sections of lumber are used in the production of end grain counter tops, butcher blocks, and cutting boards or recycled and used in the dry kilns.

Pictured are a few new products from John Boos: The iBlock (which is offered in hard rock maple, American cherry or American black walnut), and the
Edge Grain Oval Board with Juice Groove and Handles (which is offered in hard rock maple). All cutting boards are finished with Boos Block Board Cream w beeswax, all natural and food-safe.

For more information and inquiries, call Toll Free: (888) 431-2667 or email sales@johnboos.com.

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