Spooky Sweets and Savory Treats: Halloween Candy Charcuterie Board Ideas

Halloween Charcuterie Board Ideas

Are you ready to get creatively spooky this Halloween and involve the kids in a fun project? Grab one of your trusty Boos Block cutting board companions and build yourself a spooktacular Halloween themed candy charcuterie board! Share the thrilling edible centerpiece with family, friends, or coworkers. It might even be a huge hit with the kids in the neighborhood on trick-or-treat night.  

Halloween Candy Charcuterie Board Finished

There isn’t anything spookier than witnessing bats, witches, ghosts, black cats and skeletons lurking under a hazy full moon. So, let’s mimic this eerie scene by starting with an 18″ round 1-1/2″ thick Boos Block cutting board. It will serve as the full moon backdrop as you begin to build your candy board. Choose between a blonde maple board (model R18), orange cherry board (model CHY-R18) or a dark brown walnut board (model WAL-R18). If you prefer a more dramatic presentation, utilize a round 3″ thick, solid wood end grain cutting board: Available in Hard Rock Maple (Model CCB183-R), American Cherry (Model CHY-CCB183-R), or American Walnut (Model WAL-CCB183-R). End grain constructed cutting boards possess the square pattern that nostalgic butcher’s blocks are known for. *Note: The round 18″ cherry R-Board Series shown in the photo.

Halloween Candy Charcuterie Board Setup

After deciding which cutting board to present, add décor and texture to the display by placing a layer of wispy spider webs directly on the board before the candy is added. Another option is to line your cutting board with tarot cards and then pile on the candy. Or simply place some fun faux fall leaves as a colorful base to your board. Soak some gauze in tea, let dry and wrap the board like a mummy. Add red gummy eyes for an extra haunting glare.

Halloween Candy Charcuterie Board Setup

Spotlight and decorate the center of your candy boards by positioning a black caldron filled with gummy skulls, chocolate eyeballs and sour skeleton hands as the centerpiece. Other blood-curdling centerpieces can include: a coffin, jack o’ lantern, witch’s hat, a sugar skull mug full of licorice and more. Continue filling up the cutting board sections one at a time with color coordinated candies mentioned above. Some kooky, whimsy examples are: marshmallow ghosts, vampire wax teeth, poison potion bottle cookies, candy coffins, and slimy slugs or sugared frogs. Anything creepy and crawly, like edible spiders, worms, or bugs will make your Halloween candy board a graveyard smash! 

Halloween Candy Charcuterie Board

Make a point to intentionally color-coordinate the cutting board with the candy of your choice. Depending upon which Boos Block board you choose, pick contrasting colored candies so that the bright eye-catching colors pop. For example, a light blonde maple board looks great with fall-colored candies such as candy orange slices, orange and green pumpkins, Frankenstein head pops and candy corn. An orange cherry board works well by accessorizing with white and black candies. Pile on the marshmallow ghosts, dark chocolates of any sorts, bite-sized black licorice bats and mini Oreo cookies. A dark brown walnut board is a good backdrop to toss on white eyeballs, Skeleton candies, purple candy corn, and gray tombstones.

The art of pairing your Boos Block cutting board with complementary candies is a delightful way to elevate your presentation and create a feast for the eyes as well as the sweet tooth. By harmonizing the natural beauty of the wood with the vibrant colors of your confections, you’re not only treating your guests to delicious treats but also to a visually stunning display. So, go ahead and let your creativity run wild with these Halloween charcuterie board ideas.

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