Refresh your kitchen ahead of the holidays with Butcher Block Kitchen Countertops

Looking to add an exciting, new luxurious element to your kitchen ahead of the holidays? Refresh your kitchen with warm and inviting natural butcher block countertops that offer character and coziness to any space. Boos Block countertops provide a rustic and charming appeal while bringing a touch of nature indoors. Butcher block countertops works well with a range of colors and textures and is a natural food-safe element for food preparation. Offered in a variety of species like Northern Hard Rock Maple, American Cherry, American Black Walnut, and Appalachian Red Oak, the timeless beauty of hardwood is incomparable. These luxurious wood hues emanate beauty and can be fitted quickly and easily.

John Boos & Co. is committed to the preservation and protection of the environment, and they demonstrate the use of abundant sustainable renewing timbers in their products as practiced by NHLA Members. Their hardwood foresters follow professional best practices that mirror natural forces. Individual trees are selected for harvest, encouraging forests to renew and regenerate themselves naturally and prolifically. As an NHLA member, John Boos practices sustainable forestry and sound forest management.


Which countertop wood species best fits your aesthetic? Let’s discuss countertop color choices and wood species. Northern Hard Rock Maple is the strongest and most dense of all species of maple which makes for a perfect kitchen surface. The classic light and medium blonde colors of maple will compliment any kitchen color scheme. American Black Walnut is prized for its dark tones of rich chocolate hues and contrasting caramel colored sapwood. American Cherry wood can vary from a rich red to a luxurious reddish brown. Appalachian Red Oak has golden and reddish tones, making it another classic natural wood color.


Boos Block offers a few styles of countertops that differ in the way they are constructed. Each style has its own charm and appeal. The most popular countertops are the Ultra-Premium hardwood countertops. They are offered with continuous full-length rails laid side by side and the color is consistent throughout the countertop. Thicknesses include 1-1/2”, 2-1/4”, and 3”.

Boos Block Blended Kitchen Countertop Surfaces are the most affordable choice, and are 1-1/2” thick, constructed with full length exterior rails and random finger-jointed interior rails. These rails come from different parts of a tree (a blend of heartwood and sapwood) yielding a surface with natural color variations, natural mineral streaks, and unique wood grain patterns. The harmonious colors add to its rustic appeal.

Boos Block Premium End Grain Island Tops are meant to be a stand-alone piece, a perfect focal point of your kitchen design. Stunning end grain tops are handcrafted by cutting short pieces of hardwood and arranging them vertically and stood on end. The wood creates a true butcher block aesthetic with walnut plug facades. End grain island tops have ¼” radius on the top edges and corners and are offered in an oil finish. This finish allows you to cut directly on the wood surface. Routine maintenance calls for regular oiling to keep the wood fibers moisturized. Thicknesses include 2-1/4”, 3”, 4” and 7”.

All Boos Block countertops are equally virtuous when dealing with food, safety, and durability. All are made of natural premium hardwood, ideal for safe food prep surfaces and are durable and resilient.

Countertop finishes: If you wish to use your butcher block top as a cutting surface, an oil finish is the one to choose. Just like with cutting boards and butcher blocks, the natural wood surface is protected by a food safe mineral oil which is absorbed by the wood fibers. It is advised to periodically oil your butcher block tops to preserve their beauty and durability. If you don’t have a purpose to chop directly on the countertop surface, then opt for a varnique finish (a beautiful semi-gloss polyurethane finish). It is virtually maintenance free. A varnique top is sealed which makes it impervious to most household chemicals and cleans easily with mild soap and water. The fine furniture look makes it the choice for kitchen island bars, eating counters, and for tops near sinks.

Looking for something more contemporary? If you want to achieve a sleek and contemporary kitchen, an alternative countertop option is Boos Block Stainless Steel Countertops. Fabricated of heavy duty 16GA, type 300 stainless steel which is available in straight runs or with a 6” integral boxed backsplash. Underlayment is 1-3/8” thick fiberboard with melamine backing.

Available in an array of colors and styles, Boos Block wood kitchen countertops are handcrafted specifically to look beautiful and make food preparation safe and clean-up a breeze. Classically elegant and built to last with sustainable sourced lumber, Boos Block Countertops are the perfect addition to the finest kitchens.


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