36" x 24" x 5" Maple Homestead Block With Lower Shelf And Utensil Drawer

Model#: HMST36245

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The perfect way to add function and little bit of style to your kitchen is with the Boos Homestead Block. This understated, yet functional kitchen table is a must-have. Each wood top is built with a hefty 5″ thick butcher block top and finished with Boos Board Cream. Choose from maple, cherry or walnut. A seamless utensil drawer is hidden in the apron of the table allowing quick access to stored items. Placed underneath the table is one slatted shelf for storing large kitchen accessories or decor. The Homestead Butcher Block can be customized in an array of colors to suit your kitchen style – from all natural maple to a traditional barn red. Elegant, long lasting and useful, you will enjoy this block for years to come.


  • Thickness: 5"
  • Northern Hard Rock Maple
  • End Grain Construction
  • One (1) Slatted Lower Shelf
  • Seamless Painted Utensil Drawer Hidden in the Apron
  • Color Base Options
  • Boos Block Cream With Beeswax Finish
  • Made In USA
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