Paul Virant

Chef Paul Virant - Feature Photo

“The versatility of Boos boards are greatly appreciated in the Vie kitchen and at my home. My knife’s edge is preserved better when working on wood versus plastic boards. Also, they are perfect for baking and pastry, for rolling doughs and kneading. We purchase the highest quality ingredients and equipment to help master our craft. The handcrafted boards fits right into this mold. Thanks for taking the time to produce something that makes our lives easier.”


Paul Virant is the executive chef and owner of Vie restaurant in Western Springs, Illinois. He is seen as an expert in canning and preserving ingredients and using these ingredients in his signature dishes. In 2012, he released The Preservation Kitchen: The Craft of Making and Cooking with Pickles, Preserves, and Aigre-Doux–the first canning manual combining technical canning aspects with a professional chef’s expertise on flavor. He is a four-time finalist for the James Beard Foundation’s Best Chef award and earned a Michelin Star in 2011. He has been featured on “Iron Chef America” and spotlighted in a number of food publications.

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