Chandler Echols

Chef Chandler Echols

“I started using Boos Boards in 2014 for carving stations. The solid feel, workmanship, along with the quality of the wood is exceptional. These cutting boards have been a part of countless weddings, banquets, and party carving stations. I love the feel the knife has when making contact with the boards. The sophisticated and professional look of Boos Boards makes me proud to use them at any of our club functions. I also use them at home for everyday prep and cooking. Thanks, John Boos & Co., for your amazing cutting boards.”


Chef Chandler Bear Echols Jr. is a graduate from the Baltimore Culinary Arts Institute, and has worked in food services for 35 years. Many of his influences come from his mother, Monique, and her family from southern France. His mother was born into a French colony in Vietnam and was taught many of their traditional dishes at a very young age.

Chef Echols Jr. has worked alongside Chef’s Jim Noble and Gerald Hyatt at the Hyatt Hotels and many large country clubs, and now has been at The Savannah Golf Club in Savannah, GA for the past 27 years as their Executive Chef. He has also curated a side business as an ice carver for the last 25 years, as Chandler’s Ice Carvings LLC., serving the Low Country with sculptures for all types of events.

Chef Echols Jr. and his wife, Kelli, have two children Brigitte and Bear. He and his family are passionate about fishing both freshwater fly and saltwater and in their down time enjoy traveling places where they can throw a line. Chef Echols Jr says “It is all about balance, balance in your dishes and balance in your life.”