How To Choose A Boos Block Cutting Board – Ultimate Buyers Guide

Here are a few easy ways to choose a Boos Block cutting board when making your selection from a multitude of styles and sizes. With a bit of thought on what qualities you want in your cutting board, you can easily navigate the options. Consideration should be given to the materials used, sustainability, its chopping surface, aesthetics, knife compatibility, affordability, and size. Taking these components into account, you are bound to find the right cutting board that will be a valuable addition to your kitchen for years to come.

Natural, solid hardwood specifically is an optimal choice for a cutting board due to its resilience, knife-friendliness, ease of cleaning, and natural antibacterial properties. Its tight grain and notorious shock absorption allows knives to glide over its surface, resulting in clean, precise cuts. Furthermore, wood is strong and reliable, making it a worthwhile investment for a kitchen tool that will withstand daily chopping and slicing. Not only it is practical, but wood is beautiful because of its radiance, natural grain, and range of colors. Boos Blocks craft cutting boards in many species in an array of colors, including hard rock maple, American cherry and American walnut. Hardwood has a timeless aesthetic and organic appeal. It ultimately invites nature to take root and reside in your home.


Size & Weight

When selecting a cutting board, height is an important factor to consider. An elevated cutting surface can make kitchen time more comfortable for taller individuals, while shorter users should opt for a board that isn’t too thick so they don’t have to stretch to reach it. John Boos crafts large and robust end grain constructed boards in a range of thicknesses (2-1/4″, 3″, 4″ or 6″). Edge grain boards are also available in thinner sizes (1″, 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″ or 1-3/4″). For those seeking an elevated work surface, another option is to choose a board that has feet.

The desired cutting board size should be determined by the available counter space in your kitchen and the amount of food you usually prepare. If you have ample kitchen space, opt for a larger cutting board that can be kept out on your countertop, so it doesn’t have to be moved. Larger boards offer more room to work and can fit directly over a dry sink area for added prep surface. If you have a small kitchen, and don’t want to take up valuable counter space, consider a smaller board that can be tucked away in a drawer when not in use or hang on the wall if the handles will allow. Boos Block cutting boards can have some weight to them the larger and thicker they are. Expect a medium sized 20x15x1-1/2″ edge grain cutting board to weigh around twelve pounds. Larger end grain boards can weigh up to 200 pounds.

How to choose a Boos Block size and weight.


Maple, Cherry or Walnut: Which hardwood option is right for you?

Northern Hard Rock Maple is a classic bestseller that matches any kitchen décor with its natural, creamy blonde color adorned with streaks of golden brown. It is a particularly tight grained wood making it resilient to knife cuts and wears well against daily chopping without ruining a good cutting edge. Hard maple is often considered an excellent choice for cutting boards due to its specific properties and resilient characteristics. Its tight grain structure provides strength and durability, making it resistant to wear and everyday use. The dense nature of hard maple helps to maintain the surface integrity and prolongs the life of the cutting board. On the Janka scale, the system of measuring a wood’s hardness, hard rock maple rates 1,450. The higher the number, the harder the wood. Scientific studies have proven maple contains a natural enzyme that inhibits bacteria growth. One such study by Dr. Dean Cliver, Ph.D. confirms maple cutting boards naturally inhibit bacteria growth, providing a safer and cleaner food preparation surface. In contrast, plastic boards have been scientifically proven to harbor bacteria within the knife cuts, posing potential risks to your health. Sought after by professional chefs in the foodservice industry, many hard rock maple edge grain cutting boards are also NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certified. Look for the NSF logo branded on the board.

Luxurious and dashing, American Black Walnut exudes elegance and appeal. A reveled species, walnut is a stunning hardwood in which the wood grain shows off dark chocolate hues with streaks of caramel and blonde sapwood. Black walnut registers as 1010 on the janka scale. Not as hard as maple, however, it is harder than cherry. It is a great prep surface that proves durable, strong, and long-lasting and is prized for its density, hardness and tight grain.

A warm and inviting color choice, American Cherry is a durable hardwood that makes for an elegant serving or chopping board. Experience its quality and beauty. It has brilliant hues of reddish brown and a lighter colored sapwood. Cherry registers as 950 on the janka scale. It’s not as hard as maple, however, is a close runner up to walnut. Cherry wood has a smooth texture and a closed-grain pattern that is similar to maple wood. The natural resilience and forgiving nature of wood makes it the ideal surface for maintaining the sharpness and longevity of your favorite knives.

It is important to note that while hard maple is an excellent choice for cutting boards, other hardwood species can also be suitable depending upon personal preferences and specific requirements. A few examples include walnut and cherry. Cherry, maple and walnut woods are food-safe and non-toxic. No matter which type of hardwood cutting board you choose, they are all crafted and perfected in the USA by John Boos & Co. since 1887. You’ll be more than thrilled with your Boos Block cutting surfaces.


What else do you want to look for in a cutting board?

Pick among many fun cutting board features! Juice grooves are a brilliant way to keep countertops tidy and mess-free. Handles assist with easy maneuverability, and stainless steel accessories such as scrap pans are handy to help make prep easier. The Prep Master is designed with an inset on one side and is accompanied by a rocker knife to chop fresh herbs or onions right on the cutting board. Reversible designs provide a bonus prep surface.

Perhaps you need multiple boards, or different sized boards for different jobs. Stack a graduated set of small, medium, and large boards on top of each other and use each one as the task calls. Carving boards are specific to slicing meat and are useful to have around during the holiday. It is recommended to designate a certain board specifically for handling raw meat. Do not cross-contaminate. Use a different board for vegetables & fruits to inhibit the spread of bacteria that causes food-borne illness.

Consider construction, and how a cutting board is made. Edge grain boards are most common and affordable. They are formed by laying wood rails side by side and gluing them together. These boards have wood fibers that run horizontally. End grain boards are created by cutting short wood pieces and arranging them vertically in a checkered pattern. Wood fibers can be compared to a bundle of plastic drinking straws. End grain boards demonstrate a self-healing process in that when a knife cuts into an end grain board’s surface, it slides in between the wood fibers, the fibers separate, and then close back up. End grain is more labor intensive than edge grain. The Rustic Edge Cutting Board Collection by Boos Block is neither end or edge grain. In fact, it is face grain. Face grain is the surface that you first see when looking at a raw cut board-the side that contains all the patterns and wood grain. Rustic edge boards are crafted of a single solid piece of wood void of joints. Choose the construction that is more aesthetically pleasing to your eye or kitchen style.


Let’s delve into the many irresistible Boos Block Cutting Board Collections and their construction types.

  1. Pro Chef Collection: Edge Grain Construction

The “R” and “RA” Board Series are the pinnacle of beauty, robust solid wood cutting boards adored by professional chefs, foodies, pitmasters, gourmands, and home cooks. As favored top sellers, these versatile cutting boards are specifically designed and crafted for professional use and have a resilient edge grain construction that with-stand the rigors of commercial kitchens and everyday food prep. Both models are edge grain constructed (long strips of wood laid horizontally side by side) and both are reversible, so you acquire a bonus cutting surface. Use one surface for vegetables and the other surface for meat to prevent cross-contamination. Recessed hand grips allow you to easily flip the board for quick food preparation. R-Board models are 1-1/2″ thick and are offered in a variety of solid hardwood species: Northern Hard Rock Maple (models R01, R03, R02) American Cherry (models CHY-R01, CHY-R03, CHY-R02) and American Black Walnut (models WAL-R01, WAL-R03, WAL-R02). Sizes include: 18″x12″, 20″x15″, 24″x18″ and 18″ round in diameter. (Round board models: R18, CHY-R18, WAL-R18) RA-Board models are 2-1/4″ thick and offered in Northern Hard Rock Maple (models RA01, RA02, RA03, RA06) and American Cherry (models CHY-RA01, CHY-RA02, CHY-RA03). Sizes include 18″x12″, 20″x15″, 24″x18″. On the occasion that you want something extra-large and robust, there is a Maple model RA06 cutting board that comes in a stately size of 30″x23-1/4″.

The Platinum Commercial Series is similar to the R-Boards but more hefty at 1-3/4″ thick. Offered hard rock maple, pick from any of the following sizes: 18″x12″, 20″x15″, 24″x18″ (models R1812, R2015, R2418). The Chop-N-Slice Series cutting boards are very affordable, are crafted of solid maple, have rounded corners and are reversible. Various sizes in 1″ and 1-1/4″ thick (models 211, 212, 213, 214 and 215).

Let’s explore boards with juice grooves! A juice groove is a wonderful feature that keeps meat, fruit and vegetable juices on your cutting board and not your counter. The groove prevents overflow for an easy, no-mess prep. There is a plethora of Boos Block cutting boards with grooves in all sizes and thicknesses, guaranteed to fit your needs. The BBQ Board, Deluxe BBQ Board and AU JUS Board are all crafted of premium solid edge grain maple and each sport grooves on one side. They reverse to a flat cutting surface. The BBQ Board (model BBQBD) is 18″x12″x1-1/2″ thick with recessed hand grips to easily maneuver when you want to cut on the opposite side. A step up from the BBQ Board is the Deluxe BBQ Board (model RA02-GRV) which is a little larger and thicker (20″x15″x2-1/4″) with the same recessed hand grips. The AU JUS Collection is designed with a juice groove that flows into a reservoir for foods high in water content such as extra juicy meats, melons, etc. Offered in a premium hard rock maple and a glorious American walnut, the AU JUS Collection comes in 2 sizes: Maple 20″x15″x1-1/2″ (model AUJUS2015) and Maple 24″x18″x1-1/2″ (model AUJUS). Walnut 20″x15″x1-1/2″ (model WAL-AUJUS2015) and Walnut 24″x18″x1-1/2″ (model WAL-AUJUS).

Staying with the edge grain cutting board with juice groove theme, you will be sure to fall in love with the Boos Block maple Prestige Collection. This 1-1/4″ thick series has attractive round corners, a juice groove and a finger hole designed in the upper left-hand corner to hang your board or use it to transport your prepped food from your counter to the stovetop. Lighter than the thicker boards, they are available in four convenient sizes: 16″x10″ (model MPL1610125-FH-GRV), 18″x12″ (model MPL1812125-FH-GRV), 20″x15″ (model MPL2015125-FH-GRV) and 22″x16″ (model MPL2216125-FH-GRV)

Looking for more diversity? The CB Collection is comprised of an interesting display of maple grooved cutting boards in a variety of attractive shapes and sizes. Models CB1050-1M1811150 and CB1050-1M2014150 are rounded rectangles with arched sides and come in a 1-1/2″ thickness. Models CB1054-1M2015150 and CB1054-1M2418150 are rectangular in shape and are also 1-1/2″ thick. Models CB1052-1M1212175 and CB1052-1M1515175 are square with a thickness of 1-3/4″. Models CB1051-1M1212175 and CB1051-1M1515175 are round with a thickness of 1-3/4″. The boards in this prized collection once again all have juice grooves and recessed finger grips and reverse to a flat cutting surface.

How about an edge grain grooved board with lots of tricks up its sleeve! The Newton Prep Master Collection is designed with a sloped juice groove. Liquids flow downhill into a stainless steel drip pan. Flip the cutting board over and slide the pan into its designated spot. Chop your vegetables and swipe the bits into the pan for easy transport or until you are ready to use. Dredging is a breeze with the dredging pan. A large ergonomic handle allows you to easily move your board to your favorite spot in the kitchen. Offered in 3 sizes. Model PM1514225-P is 15″x14″x2-1/4″ thick. Model PM18180225-P is 18″x18″x2-1/4″ thick. PM2418225-P is 24″x18″x2-1/4″ thick. There is an additional version of the Newton Prep Master that is designed with a concaved center and comes equipped with a stainless steel, double-bladed rocker knife. This allows you to chop herbs or shallots, with ease of the rocker knife. A stainless steel drip pan is included as well. Model PM18180225-P-RK is 18″x18″x2-1/4″ thick.

Boos Blocks have a delightful range of novelty Gift Packs for you and the chefs in your life. These specialized packs make wonderful and easy gifts for weddings, wedding showers, house warming, birthdays, or holidays. They include: Grill Master Starter,Grill Master Basket, Pizza Lovers Starter, Pizza Lovers Basket, Cheese & Wine Starter, Cheese & Wine Basket, Pastry Chef Starter, and Pastry Chef Basket. Each gift pack comes with its own authentic, solid wood Boos Block cutting board. Mystery Oil and Board Cream ensures your board stays moisturized in tip top performance. Each pack contains its own unique set of kitchen tools, such as rolling pins, aprons, cheese knives, pizza cutters and more!

  1. Carving Collection: Edge Grain Construction

Carving meat just got easier with the Ultimate Carving Board and Mayan Carving Series. The Maple Ultimate Carving Board (model CB1053-1M2418225) performs well when carving a perfectly cooked steak or any type of meat. The pyramid design and juice groove system draws the juices into a stainless steel pan. Flip the board over and chop vegetables. Swipe into the stainless steel pan and transfer to your skillet. A great size at 24″x18″x2-1/4″ this board is easy to use, fun, and keeps counters clean.

Another stunning carving board is the Mayan Carving Board. Similar to the Ultimate Carving Board, the Mayan Board (model MN2418150-SM) has the pyramid and juice groove design to keep meat stable while carving and juices stay contained on the board. It is 1-1/2″ thick, and lighter in weight than the Ultimate Carving Board. It reverses to a flat cutting surface and is also available in walnut (model WAL-MN2418150-SM).

  1. Countertop Board Collection: Edge Grain Construction

The 1-1/4″ thick KNEB Countertop Board makes quick work of kneading and rolling out dough. The lip holds the board in its place on the counter while forming dough or forming noodles. This reversible solid sustainable wood board has a groove on one side and a flat cutting surface on the other to maximize your prep options. Don’t make pasta? No worries! The countertop board is still the perfect application for any-and-all prep work like chopping slicing or dicing. Offered in 3 sizes, the Countertop Board allows you to save precious time in the kitchen. Model KNEB17 is 17-3/4″x17-1/4″. Model KNEB23 is 23-3/4″x17-1/4″. Model KNEB24S is 23-3/4″x23-3/4″.

  1. BOOS 1887 Collection: Face Grain Construction

Meticulously crafted of a single piece of hard wood, the Boos 1887 Rustic Edge Collection is neither edge grain nor end grain constructed. In fact, it is unique with a face grain construction. Face grain is the surface that you first see when looking at a raw cut board – the side that contains all the patterns and wood grain. Rustic edge boards are crafted of a single solid piece of wood void of joints. Every single cutting board in this collection is unique in that each will have its own rustic appeal. They may or may not contain one, or all, of the following: worn edges, knot holes, mineral streaks causing color variation, and natural marks caused by the tree’s natural growing process. Again, not one of these boards will look identical to each other. Offered in 3 sizes and in 3 species:

This collection is a true celebration of our roots, hand-crafted in Effingham, IL, a design that was inspired by the original Boos Block Cutting Boards created at the infancy of John Boos & Co. in 1887.

  1. Chopping Block Collection: End Grain Construction

The extreme boards in this collection are for the serious block lovers who demand professional quality and desire beautiful, large, and considerably thick end grain constructed surfaces. These blocks weather multitudes of chopping every day, all day. Each block possesses that true nostalgic butcher’s block look and feel which is the highly sought after checkered pattern that end grain construction provides. These surfaces are available in Hard Rock Maple, American Cherry and American Black Walnut and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and thicknesses. They are the super-star of the kitchen and will be sure to impress in performance. CCB Square/Rectangle models and CCB Round models are 2-1/4″, 3″ or 4″ thick. BB models are 6″ thick. This collection is proudly made in Effingham, Illinois by skilled craftspeople using time honored techniques. Crafted of solid, sustainable hardwood sourced from responsibly harvested forests. They are creatures of beauty, durability and function.

  1. Chop-N-Serve Collection: Edge And End Grain Construction

Serve with tact, taste and delight. The Chop-N-Serve Collection is a wonderful assortment of solid, sustainable hardwood cutting boards designed to not only chop on, but to beautifully display delectable edibles with confidence. Simple yet elegant in design, these cutting boards are your helping hand in all your catering needs. Whatever the occasion, they are ideal boards for serving or to simply display in your kitchen when not in use. The various shape designs make a pleasing display for entertaining guests. Great for cheese, bread, pastries or appetizers. This collection is sure to give your dinner parties a fabulous presentation. The MC Series, (models MCR1, MCS1 & MCB1) are gorgeous mini versions of a free-standing butcher’s block with feet. The B Series are edge grain square and round cutting boards with quaint round bun feet. Available in maple (models B9S, B12S, B12R) and walnut (models WAL-B9S, WAL-B12S, WAL-B12R) The Signature Series are stunning 18″x12″x1-3/4″ thick end grain boards with a groove and are perched on elegant stainless steel feet. Available in maple (model MPL1812175-SSF), cherry (model CHY-1812175-SSF) and walnut (model WAL-1812175-SSF). The 1″ thick 4-Cooks Series are light weight and easy to manage. Finger grooves are notched out for an easier grip. These simple but elegant boards are edge grain constructed, and reversible. Available in maple in 3 sizes (models CB4C-M120801, CB4C-M171201, CB4C-M201401) They are also available in walnut in 3 sizes (model CB4C-W120801, CB4C-w171201, CB4C-W201401). Go big and bold with the RAFR Series maple edge grain cutting board, equipped with a juice groove and metal handles. This 24″x18″x2-1/4″ thick cutting board (model RAFR2418) reverses to a flat cutting surface. Note it takes some muscles to flip, but the useful handles allow you to manage all 24 pounds of it. Easily entertain guests at home or a friend’s dinner party with the CCB Maple Round End Grain Cutting Board with handles (Model CCB183-R). Presenting a charcuterie board is the easiest way to serve snacks or appetizers in a fun and festive way. Creativity meets variety when preparing a vibrant, fresh charcuterie board with various nuts, cheeses, cured meats, and treats for your guests or hungry loved ones. It’s a tasting smorgasbord that will bring the flavors depending upon which creative way you choose to build your board. Boos has a delightful range of novelty Gift Packs for you and the chefs in your life. These specialized packs make wonderful and easy gifts for weddings, wedding showers, house warming, birthdays, or holidays. They include: Coffee Companion Starter, Coffee Companion Basket, Home Décor Starter, and Home Décor Basket. Each gift pack comes with its own authentic, solid wood Boos Block cutting board. Mystery Oil and Boos Board Cream ensures your board stays moisturized and in tip top performance. Each pack contains its own unique set of goodies such as coffee mugs, wooden coasters, candles and more!

Each solid wood board is meticulously crafted in the USA from premium quality renewable and sustainable harvested hardwoods, aligning with John Boos commitment to environmental responsibility. All wood boards are renewable, meaning they can be sanded with the grain of the wood and re oiled to reveal a brand-new cutting surface. Sand away knicks and scratches that accumulate over years of prep work. When it comes to cutting boards, there is something for every budget. Low-cost options are smaller, thinner edge grain boards. Mid-range cutting boards are thicker edge grain or end grain construction. High-end cutting boards are larger, thicker edge grain boards and end grain constructed boards. No matter your budget, you will find a Boos Block cutting board or two or three that thrill you. A companion that will bring out your inner chef, helping you to make delicious meals in exciting ways.

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