Salt Cellar - Natural Olive Wood

Model#: NOW-TU-11A

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Discover the beauty and utility of our Natural Olive Wood Salt Cellar. It’s not just for salt but can store all your favorite spices and herbs too. Made from strong and durable olive wood, it keeps your ingredients fresh and germ-free. Plus, each one is unique, carved from a single piece of wood, making it a special addition to any kitchen. Whether you’re treating yourself or searching for the perfect gift, this salt cellar is an elegant choice that enhances your cooking experience. Upgrade your kitchen with this charming and functional accessory today!


  • Size: 4-3/4" x 2-1/2"
  • Note: The uniqueness of each natural olive wood piece may result in slight variations in product dimensions.
  • Easily access your favorite seasonings with the convenient magnetic hinged top.
  • Perfect fit for your kitchen countertop.
  • Crafted from the finest Tunisian olive wood, it's built to last and adds a touch of natural beauty to your space.
  • Each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation, hand-carved from a single piece of olive wood, making it both a functional tool and a stunning work of art for your culinary adventures.
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