Rustic Bread Basket - Natural Olive Wood

Model#: NOW-DI-04A

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Introducing our Natural Olive Wood Bread Basket – a striking addition to any home! Perfect for holding a baguette, fruits, cheese, and more, this rustic beauty is hand-carved from olive tree branches, showcasing skilled craftsmanship. Crafted from durable olive wood, it’s ready for everyday use, and its nonporous nature keeps it clean and odor-free. Each basket is unique, with its own natural charm. Elevate your table with this exceptional Olive Wood Bread Basket and make every meal a special occasion!


  • Size: 15" x 4" x 3-1/2"
  • Note: The uniqueness of each natural olive wood piece may result in slight variations in product dimensions.
  • Natural olive wood bread basket is perfect for holding bread, fruits, cheese, and more, making it a versatile addition to your table.
  • Each basket is meticulously hand-carved from olive tree branches, boasting unique rustic appeal that showcases skilled craftsmanship.
  • Crafted from sturdy olive wood, it's built to withstand daily use, making it a reliable choice for your table.
  • Olive wood's nonporous quality ensures that germs and odors won't linger, offering a fresh and hygienic dining experience.
  • Each basket is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, displaying the natural charm of olive wood with distinctive grain patterns, making it a standout piece on your table.
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