Güde Alpha Series 10" Chef's Knife - Olive Wood Handle

Model#: 9-KNFCHEF10-OW

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The knives in the Alpha Olive Series originate from a single piece of specially alloyed Chrome-Vanadium-Moly knife steel. They undergo an intricate transformation, commencing with meticulous hand forging and progressing through over forty distinct production steps before reaching completion. The handles are crafted from carefully selected olive wood aged between 100 to 200 years, renowned for its sturdiness, resilience against weathering, exquisite grain patterns, and timeless elegance. These knives feature ice-hardened stainless steel blades that are expertly hand-sharpened to perfection. It’s essential to note that the handle should not be exposed to dishwasher use to preserve its longevity and beauty.


  • 10" Chef's Knife - Single Piece of Chrome-Vanadium-Moly Cutlery Steel
  • Grip Scales Crafted from Very Hard 100-200 Yr. Old Olive Wood - Resists Moisture - Exhibits a Beautiful Grain.
  • Made in Solingen, Germany
  • Ice Hardened Stainless Steel; Hand Sharpened

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