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October 6, 2012
Visit From State Representatives David B. Reis And John D. Cavaletto

Illinois State Representatives, David B. Reis & John D. Cavaletto, visited the John Boos & Co. corporate headquarters on Tuesday, Oct. 30th. The purpose of the visit was to present to the company and its President, Joe Emmerich, with a state resolution honoring John Boos & Co.’s 125th anniversary. John Boos & Co. continues to be the only company in the United States that has both stainless steel fabrication and wood manufacturing facilities in one location. The House Resolution No. 1196 states, “2012 marks the 125th anniversary of the founding of John Boos & Co., earning them a reputation for creating the finest products in the industry; therefore, be it resolved by the House Of Representatives of the Ninety-Seventh General Assembly of the State of Illinois, that we congratulate the owners and employees of John Boos & Co. on the occasion of the company’s 125th anniversary of providing quality products and employing Illinois workers; and be it further resolved that this be presented to John Boos & Co. as a symbol of our respect and esteem.”

John Boos & Co. continues to develop new product offerings that can be seen regionally when visiting one of the new sports stadiums, (Colts, Cowboys, Cardinals, Jets, Giants) where the John Boos & Co. logo identifies stainless steel sinks, worktables, etc. Daily on the Food Network (Chopped, Grill It with Bobby Flay, Iron Chef America, Barefoot Contessa) or other shows, (Martha Stewart, The Talk, Masterchef) look for the Boos Block® brand on the cutting boards…they are there!

Company President, Joe Emmerich stated, “With the vision of past and present leadership, with the current continued efforts of our dedicated employees, and with future opportunities available in the marketplace, both nationally and internationally, the company sees exciting things ahead for the next several years, carrying the company forward well into this 21st century.”