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John Boos Excellence In Business Award

January 22, 2018
John Boos & Co. - Honored As 2018 Excellence In Business Award
At the 2018 Effingham Annual Business Recognition Gala, John Boos & Co. was honored as one of the 2018's Excellence in Business Award. Patton Printing and Graphics was also honored with this recognition. Accepting the award was President Joe Emmerich along with the a group of John Boos employees. John Boos & Co. would like to thank everyone for all their hard work and dedication. This award could not have been possible without our amazing team of John Boos employees. Thank You!

979 XFM - John Boos & Co. Excellence In Business Award
Ci Living - Effingham Gala Event & Mention of John Boos - Skip to 5:06 to see the mention of John Boos & Co.