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August 6, 2014
The status symbol of dream kitchens is this block of wood.

Here is a great article written by Crain’s Chicago Business on John Boos and how our Boos Block boards became a must have gourmet accessory around the world. The article begins by giving a little background of John Boos and when everything changed. Foodie TV and the creation of channels like the Food Network brought culinary cooking into the limelight and made it possible for every household to get a sneak peek into the best kitchens in the world and the tools they use. From the Foodie TV revolution to our keen eye for chefs early in their careers, John Boos has taken advantage of the growing popularity of cooking and helped Boos Block make the transition from the celebrity kitchen of some of the best restaurants and culinary institutes in the world and brought them into the consumer household around the world. Take a peek at the article and share with your friends why Boos Block is the best choice. To read more click here.

Boos Block - French Pastry School