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Jan 28, 2016
John Boos & Co. Statement of Sustainability Commitment and Cooperation

John Boos & Co., the manufacturer of premium hardwood lumber for Boos Blocks Butcher Blocks, Cutting Boards and Ultra-Premium solid hardwood kitchen and foodservice preparation surfaces, has been a member of the National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA) for over 40 years.

John Boos maintains a current NHLA Sustainability Certificate. As an NHLA member, the company is committed to sustainable forestry and has efforts in place, practiced an on-going basis, which embraces the certificate's statements on sustainability in the manufacturing of all of its hardwood products. This includes lumber purchases from NHLA affiliated lumber mills in the hardwood regions of the Northern and North Central United States of America that share similar commitments to sustainability, education and advocacy of North American hardwoods. These member companies ensure that North American Hardwoods are able to meet the needs of today while conserving the resources that will be needed tomorrow.

Joe Emmerich
President, John Boos & Co.

John Boos & Co - NHLA Sustainability Verification Certificate