“DIY TV – I Hate My Kitchen” – Boos Blocks® Kitchen Counter Tops

"DIY TV - I Hate My Kitchen" - Boos Blocks® Kitchen Counter Tops

The HGTV Series, ‘I Hate My Kitchen’ hosted by James Young, reached out to John Boos & Co. and KitchenSource.com about featuring a “John Boos Ultra Premium Grade Kitchen Counter Tops in Walnut”. Boos provided them, and after the renovation, the homeowners got their dream kitchen- beautiful, sleek John Boos & Co. black walnut countertops!

DIY Network’s I Hate My Kitchen series gives homeowners hope with economical yet clever kitchen design ideas using amazing new products and cool tools. Forget about it costing a huge chunk of an annual salary to renovate your kitchen. I Hate My Kitchen tears up real homeowners’ lives and their kitchens, showcasing along the way impactful alternatives that don’t require loans, demolition or divorce. “photo(s) provided courtesy of DIY and thanks to KitchenSource.com”.

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