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Firefly Grill

Firefly Grill is a dream that became a journey. They are a modern roadhouse situated in America’s Heartland, Effingham, IL. Their approach to food is simple – source the best ingredients possible and stay out of their way. They like to know their food intimately – where and how it is grown, raised, foraged, fished or harvested. The fewer fingerprints and carbon footprints the better. That’s why they have our very own on-site garden and buy locally whenever they can.

Their menu is a showcase of our philosophy with an ever-changing selection of creations from Chef Niall. You can enjoy these offerings in our beautiful lakeside setting at a table in the heart of the dining room or perhaps outside on our dock when the weather permits.

Behind the scenes of this amazing restaurant are stainless steel equipments ranging from worktables, compartment sinks, to stainless steel shelving. As for the wood, the food is cut and prepared with our Boos Block® cutting boards. You can see the large Boos Block® countertops and dining tables right when you enter the restaurant.