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Testimonials and Projects - Boos Blocks ® used by celebrity chefs, restaurants, stadiums, and many more!

Come read what all the Professional Chefs and Restaurants think of our John Boos products! Below you will find our testimonials provided by Professional Chefs and famous restaurants, stadiums around the world.

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Pastry Chef
Aaron Russell

“I'm flattered to be noticed by such a prestigious company. Restaurant Eugene already has quite a few Boos Blocks and I'm really excited to be able to own one myself”

-Pastry Chef Aaron Russell
Restaurant Eugene - Atlanta, GA
StarChefs Rising Stars 2012 - Atlanta, GA

Alex Seidel

"I love my Boos Block cutting board!  It is the centerpiece in my kitchen.  The only problem is that all my cooks want one now. It is the most durable cutting board that I have ever used.  The way my knife reacts to the wood and the product makes the most precise cuts...I will never compromise that reaction again. Thank you!"

-Chef Alex Seidel
Fruition Restaurant - Denver, CO

Celebrity Chef/Owner
Bobby Flay

"Boos Cutting Boards are fantastic boards that are very solid. This round Walnut Boos Board is one that I have in my apartment now. It is a piece of furniture but utilized as a cutting board- it's absolutely gorgeous!"

-Chef Bobby Flay
Mesa Grill - Various Locations
Bar Americain - Various Locations
Bobby Flay Steak - Atlantic City
Bobby's Burger Palace - Various Locations

Carlo Anzeimo

"To my friends at Boos: My students have some great interest in your cutting boards as well as the excitement for me having them. I will continue to promote your boards in my cooking classes!"

-Chef Carlo Anzelmo
Cooking Teacher With Urbana Adult Education

Christopher Kostow

"I have a Boos Block® in my own home and have put much use into that block and it still looks good as new. That's why I know they’re the best choice for equipping my kitchen at the Restaurant at Meadowood. Heavy, sturdy, reliable, & durable. There isn’t another cutting board on the market that compares."

-Chef Christopher Kostow
Meadowood Restaurant - St. Helena, CA

Pastry Chef
Chrysta Poulos

"It is an honor to be nominated a rising star and also to get such an amazing cutting board from Boos! You guys rock!"

-Pastry Chef Chrysta Poulos
Woodfire Grill - Atlanta, GA
StarChefs Rising Stars 2012 - Atlanta, GA

Daniel Humm

"Boos' uncompromising quality and outstanding attention to detail have made their boards and blocks a permanent fixture in both my home and restaurant kitchens. Their products have a versatility and durability that allow them to survive the test of time and a grace and elegance that make them ideal for nearly any task. I am always proud to have Boos Blocks in my kitchens and dining rooms, knowing that their passion for excellence is as strong as my own."

-Chef Daniel Humm
Eleven Madison Park Restaurant - New York, NY


Douglas Walls

"I make sure to always have my Boos Block cutting board wherever my culinary career takes me. It has been a staple in my journey so far as a chef and the quality of these butcher blocks/cutting boards are the top of the line. There are strong, durable, and can last through many years of hard work. I am honored to be able to represent The Boos Block cutting board in my kitchen!"

-Chef Douglas Walls

Eddie MerlotRestaurant
Eddie Merlot

Eddie Merlot’s is a place where hospitality and the comfort of their guests are our highest mission; they pledge to provide the finest personal service, highest quality of foods, freshest ingredients, in world class facilities for all of their guests to enjoy a memorable experience. In the kitchen of this high-end restaurant you will find John Boos' stainless steel custom chefs counter, sinks, shelving, work tables and many more!

Eddie Merlot - Linconshire, IL

Firefly Grill

Firefly Grill is a dream that became a journey. They are a modern roadhouse situated in America’s Heartland, Effingham, IL. Behind the scenes of this amazing restaurant are stainless steel equipment and various types of Boos Block ® cutting boards. Read More...

Firefly Grill - Effingham, IL

Indianapolis Lucas Oil Stadium

Lucas OIl Stadium is home of the NFL Indianapolis Colts. This stadium has 59 permanent concession stands and 90 portable concessions stands with more than 500 points of sale located throughout the stadium. John Boos & Co. had the priviledge to provide this stadium with a variety of different foodservice stainless steel equipment ranging from worktables to dishtables to sinks and many more.

Lucas Oil Stadium - Indianapolis, IN

Kelly English

"John Boos cutting boards were a staple in my parents' kitchen throughout my childhood. I watched my father prepare many meals on Boos cutting boards. I prepared many of my first dishes with the help of Boos cutting boards as well. I have my own restaurant now, and I'm proud to say that my own John Boos cutting boards are a staple in my kitchen."

-Chef Kelly English
Restaurant Iris - Memphis, TN

Kilroy's Bar & Grill - Broad Ripple

Kilroy's is a great place to watch all of your favorite teams on our many flat screen TVs while enjoying a full dining menu and signature drinks. John Boos & Co. provided their fully custom Chefs counter, stainless steel shelving, floor troughs, compartment sinks, and much more! Read More...

Kilroy's Bar & Grill - Broad Ripple Indianapolis, IN

Celebrity Chef
Paul Kahan

"Getting out your knives and oiling your cutting boards are part of the ritual of cooking and help a chef prepare for the day. Boos ® understands this and honors that ritual by offering chefs the finest cutting surface available. Just like the artisan producers and farmers we work with so we can create the food we do at Blackbird, John Boos Company is committed to honest quality and craftsmanship."

-Chef Paul Kahan
Blackbird Restaurant - Chicago, IL

Paul Virant

"The versatility of Boos boards are greatly appreciated in the Vie kitchen and at my home. My knife's edge is preserved better when working on wood versus plastic boards. Also, they are perfect for baking and pastry, for rolling doughs and kneading. We purchase the highest quality ingredients and equipment to help master our craft. The handcrafted boards fits right into this mold. Thanks for taking the time to produce something that makes our lives easier..."

-Chef Paul Virant
Vie Restaurant - Western Springs, IL

Peter Dale

"I've been really enjoying my Boos Block ® cutting board! Typically, I use it next to my expo station in the kitchen. Although I recently took it home and used it for a meat and cheese stations for a party I was hosting."

-Chef Peter Dale
The National- Athens, GA

Starred Chef
Nelson Mueller

"For me there is no alternative to Boos Blocks because these NSF-certified blocks and boards satisfy the highest demands for professional quality and food safety. The material has proven extremely robust, durable and odorless and is trusted by culinary professionals."

-Chef Nelson Mueller
Essen, Germany

Executive Chef/Owner
Niall Campbell

"To the entire boos team, thank you! Thank you for helping us to create our modern roadhouse oasis, it is a living testimonial to the quality and craftsmanship that John Boos and Co. has to offer. Kristie and I couldn't be happier with everything from the tables to the beautiful expedition counter top. The stainless in the kitchen is sleek and functional and your cutting boards are the finest in the world. We look forward to collaborating again on our next project."

-Executive Chef Niall Campbell
Firefly Grill - Effingham, IL

Chef Richard BlaisChef/Owner
Richard Blais

Chef Richard Blais- “You date knives, but marry cutting boards,” he quipped recently while in Manhattan on a whirlwind shopping expedition for the latter.

Professionally, Mr. Blais prefers heavy wooden boards because “they don’t slide around,” he said. “And I like the way knives feel on them: I cut cleaner and chop better,” he said. Mr. Blais found a number of boards he thought home chefs would like, for both cutting and serving. The Newton Prep Master by John Boos, at Bowery Kitchen Supplies in Chelsea Market, was a winner for its hefty weight, juice groove and built-in pan to capture juices. “This makes it easy to save the juices that run off when you’re carving your roast chicken or prime rib,” he said.

-Richard Blais
Trail Blais

Winner of Bravo's Top Chef All-Sars Season 4.

Executive Chef &
Director of Food & Beverage

Richard Rosendale

"Whether cooking in the Bocuse d’Or world cooking contest, the Master Chef Exam, or my very own kitchens here at the Greenbrier, I only use the finest professional equipment in my kitchens and when it comes to cutting boards I use the best, Boos Block."

-Richard Rosendale, C.M.C.
Executive Chef & Director of
Food & Beverage

USA Captain Bocuse d'Or 2013

Rick Bayless

"When it comes to my home kitchen and even my restaurants, there is no other choice than Boos ® Butcher Blocks! They are clearly the only choice for professionals, yet they are so elegant that they will elevate any kitchen space. When maintained properly, these boards are built to last a lifetime."

-Chef Rick Bayless
Frontera Grill
Frontera Fresco
Tortas Frontera

“ChefExecutive Chef, Restaurateur, Author & Founder of the Hot Stove Society Cooking School in Seattle
Chef Tom Douglas

"One of the most important tools in the kitchen is the cutting board. The synergy of the cook, the knife and the board creates magic. The Boos board is an American icon that represents American quality and craftsmanship. Best of all, the Boosboard lasts and develops a patina much like a cast iron pan and represents the history of my kitchen and the friends and family that have surrounded my table. We are proud to use them in our Hot Stove Society cooking school."

-Chef Tom Douglas