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Our Gourmet Blocks and Cutting Boards are designed and crafted in the
USA to meet the demanding requirements of culinary professionals, who
expect the highest level of quality and that our products meet all food safety
standards. Their robust and durable construction give the work surface a
commercial grade toughness that
protects the sharp edge of your fine
cutlery. Boos Blocks® are the number
one choice of culinary professionals
and cooking enthusiasts, and with the
proper care, will stand up to a lifetime of use.
Boos Blocks® are certified and meet the NSF’s (National Sanitation
Foundation’s) strict requirements for food safety, sanitation and quality.
Products must bear the NSF seal of approval to be accepted and used
by the U.S. foodservice industry. The NSF is trusted by users, regulators,
and manufacturers as the leader in foodservice equipment certification.
This also includes a material review to ensure that products are fully com-
pliant to the requirements of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.
John Boos & Co. is a leader in environmental stewardship and is firmly
committed to managing environmental matters as an integral part of its
business. John Boos & Co. is a long-standing member of the NHLA
(National Hardwood Lumber Association). NHLA members practice
sustainable forestry and sound forest management.
Gourmet Blocks/Cutting Boards
Food Safety And Sanitation
Environmental Stewardship
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