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he World’s Finest Kitchens
Culinary professionals and celebrity chefs throughout the nation continue
to make Boos Blocks® their brand of choice for premium hardwood food
preparation surfaces and equipment.
Chef Daniel Humm
Eleven Madison Park Restaurant - New York, NY
“Boos’ uncompromising quality and outstanding
attention to detail have made their boards and
blocks a permanent fixture in both my home and
restaurant kitchens. Their products have a ver-
satility and durability that allow them to survive
the test of time and a grace and elegance that
make them ideal for nearly any task. I am always
proud to have Boos Blocks in my kitchens and
dining rooms, knowing that their passion for
excellence is as strong as my own.”
Boos Blocks® kitchen islands, butcher blocks, tables, and carts are all part of
America’s Heritage. Generations of families and professionals in the USA are
proud owners of these beautifully crafted pieces of fine quality, workmanship
and design. Some pieces are now vintage collectibles passed down through
generations. Boos Blocks® gourmet kitchen furniture provides extra quality
works space. And, its natural beauty provides a classic and authentic character
and presence in your kitchen. They come in all shapes and sizes as well as many
different colors and finishes.
Butcher Blocks/Gourmet Furnishing
Butcher Blocks/Gourmet Furnishing
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