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Kitchen Counter Tops - (BBIT Models)
Kitchen Counter Tops/Island Tops - (KCT Models)
Easy on the eye, easy on the knife - Boos® end grain island tops are manufactured
in a vertically glued “checkerboard” lay-up. This unique island top offering
reveals the best of the natural elements in hardwood grain. BBIT’s ship standard
with contrasting walnut plug facades and the Boos Block® brand. Standard mod-
els ship with Boos® Board Cream finish. Care and maintenance: soap and water
clean-up. Renew with Boos Block® Board Cream every 5–6 weeks.
Width Sizes:
25"- 38"
Length Sizes:
24" - 60"
2-1/4", 3", 4", 7"
Built on a history of over 125 years of American craftsmanship, Boos® butcher block surfaces fill your kitchen with timeless tradition in counter
top appearance while maintaining a natural food safe element for food preparation. Ultra premium counter tops are manufactured with full length
continuous rails from our choice selections of American hardwoods as noted below. Standard models ship with oil finish; optional finish: Varnique
conversion varnish. Care and maintenance: soap and water clean-up. Revitalize with Boos® Mystery Oil every 3-4 weeks.
(Note: Photo Branded - KCT models do not ship branded.)
25" - 48"
12" - 145"
1-1/2", 1-3/4", 2-1/4", 3"
Detached Riser Options
The Boos® Extra 1" Edge:
All Boos® counter tops in standard lengths of 8' or longer are manufactured with 1" added to the length. This is another
exclusive Boos® bonus offering for fabricating a long block into two shorter blocks, allowing room for the saw cut, yet maintaining the full length
of both block requirements.
Northern Hard Rock Maple
American Black Walnut
American Cherry
Northern Hard Rock Maple
American Black Walnut
(Standard 2-3 finger joint per interior
rail on 8' or longer Walnut KCT.)
American Cherry
Appalachian Red Oak
1 3,4
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