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John Boos & Co.
P.O. Box 609 • 3601 S. Banker St • Effingham, IL 62401
Phone: (888) 431-2667 • Fax: (800) 433-2667
The Current Picture
As John Boos & Co. celebrates its 125th year
of continuous business, they stand with strength
built on a block of American history. The well
recognized gourmet Boos Block® brand has
become significant to the heritage and reputation.
Having adapted to market changes through
the years, the company continues to grow in its
service to the gourmet, foodservice, residential,
supermarket, and industrial markets.
During the 125th anniversary year of
John Boos & Co., the company has expanded with
a move to a new corporate office location combined
with a new metal plant facility in Effingham,
IL. The new facility at nearly 87,000 square feet,
located on over 12 acres of property will allow
us to “grow forward” with relocating our current
Effingham wood plant facility and on-site kilns to
the same new location within the next few years.
Joe Emmerich, President of John Boos & Co.,
states: “Visionary leaders have fostered John Boos
& Co. success every step of the way. The changes
in America’s history are built-in incentive for our
company to be very open and flexible to the same
degree of change.”
John Boos & Co.
Serving OurCustomers for 125 Years.
Corporate Offices / Metal Plant Facility
(87,000 sq. ft / 12 acres)
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