Boos Board Cream

Boos Blocks Board Cream Recommended To Use With Boos Mystery Oil For Care Of Cutting Boards, Butcher Blocks, & Wood Products - Boos Blocks
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•  This all natural formula penetrates deeply into the grains of the wood, leaves a silky wax barrier and locks moisture in.
•  Used regularly, Boos Block Board Cream will replenish the moisture lost from repeated washings, keeping your butcher blocks, cutting boards, and utensils from drying, bleaching and cracking.
•  Boos Block Board Cream is a special combination of natural unbleached beeswax and food grade mineral oil.

John Boos Butcher Blocks

John Boos Cutting Boards, Kitchen Equipment, Islands, Counter Tops

Description Model# UPC # Weight Carton Image Retail Price
BOOS BEES WAX CREAM - CASE OF 12   QUICK SHIP BWC-12 662969194727 5.00 9X7X7 $ 109.95
BOOS BEESWAX CREAM-3 PACK   QUICK SHIP BWC-3 662969252991 2.00 7X6X3 $ 29.95


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