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Boos Blocks Laser Engraved Cutting Board Option, Contact Factory For Details
Spec. Sheets

•  Laser Engrave Your Company Logo, Name Or Text To Drive Your Sales
•  Reinforce Your Business Brand Identity
•  Strengthen Customer Loyalty
•  Great "THANK YOU" Or Personalized Gift
•  Minimum Order Of 50 Boards Per Model Chosen To Be Engraved
•  Choose Between 2 Standard Fonts
•  ADD $15.00 List Per Board Price For Engraving
•  Specify If You Do Not Want Boos Blocks Brand On Side Of Models Where Brand Is Standard
•  Laser Marking Does Not Change NSF Status On Listed Boards
•  Made In The USA

John Boos Butcher Blocks

John Boos Cutting Boards, Kitchen Equipment, Islands, Counter Tops

Description Model# UPC # Weight Carton Image Retail Price
SPECIAL ITEM   90450 662969577001 0.00 $ 0.00


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