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Maple Countertop Board 1-1/4" Thick - Reversible

Boos Blocks Maple Reversible KNEB Countertop Cutting Board, With Juice Groove, With Lip Turn-Up and Turn-Down
Spec. Sheets

•  Hard Maple Edge Grain Construction
•  1-1/4" Thick - Reversible
•  One Side With Gravy Groove
•  Lips Keep Board Flush To Countertop
•  Boos Block Cream Finish w/ Beeswax
•  Made In The USA

John Boos Butcher Blocks

John Boos Cutting Boards, Kitchen Equipment, Islands, Counter Tops

Description Model# UPC # Weight Carton Image Retail Price
KNEAD BRD 17.75X17.25 EDGE GRN   KNEB17 662969623456 13.00 19X19X4 $ 145.95
KNEAD BRD 23.75X17.25 EDGE GRN   KNEB23 662969623500 18.00 25X18X4 $ 165.95
KNEAD BRD 23.75X23.75 EDGE GRN   KNEB24S 662969782856 26.00 25X25X4 $ 186.95


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